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China's top financial technology company deep cooperation: Thinkive Information strategic investment in Shenzhen Sunline Network Technology (PST) Network Technology Co., LTD

In 2022, it will be certified as a national "high-tech enterprise" and an "innovative enterprise" in Shenzhen. Obtained more than 30 national patent Copyrights. Provide a full set of data solutions for more than 40 well-known banks and securities companies at home and abroad.

Sunline(PST) Technology Cloud integrates the latest financial cases, digital intelligence technology and AI model solutions to help enterprises control the future

Select the appropriate SAAS deployment mode

  • 01 Higher data security

      Privatization deployment directly places the system on the client's server, which can effectively reduce the risk of enterprise data loss and privacy leakage, greatly improving the privacy and security of enterprise data.

  • 02 More flexible on-demand configuration

      The flexibility of private deployment is stronger, and enterprises can choose IT investment hardware equipment that matches business development according to their own needs.

  • 03 Stronger system scalability

      Providing sufficient development space for enterprises, they can develop and customize more suitable functional applications according to customer needs in the future.

  • 04  Combining internal and external networks to leverage comprehensive advantages

      It can help enterprises easily achieve internal and external network isolation, and LAN+external network office can maximize their comprehensive advantages.

  Suitable for user portrait: Customers with more comprehensive IT service capabilities and high security requirements.

  • 01 Balancing privacy and flexibility

      Both private deployment security can be utilized to store important internal data in local data centers, and public cloud computing resources can be utilized to complete tasks more efficiently and quickly.

  • 02 Improve scalability capability

      Breaking through the hardware limitations of private deployment, utilizing the scalability of public clouds, higher computing power can be obtained at any time, increasing cloud storage without pre cost and local resource requirements.

  • 03 Improved IT team collaboration efficiency

      The hybrid collaboration method can migrate resources and workloads from local to cloud, and switch between the two at any time.

  Suitable for user portrait: Customers with more comprehensive IT service capabilities and high security requirements.

  • 01 Unlimited expansion of users

      The SAAS cloud deployment solution adopts a multi-user architecture design, allowing multiple customers and multiple accounts under their names to share unified system services. Through a secure and completely isolated account system, it ensures information privacy and security among customers.

  • 02 High performance switching

      SAAS cloud deployment can quickly switch based on customer needs and support dynamic adjustment of server resources to ensure overall system performance and availability.

  • 03 Reduce upgrade and maintenance costs

      SAAS cloud deployment can achieve real-time software upgrades and maintenance, timely launch new features and fix vulnerabilities, avoid the impact of upgrades on current customer business, and provide better user experience solutions.

  Suitable for user portrait: Customers with more comprehensive IT service capabilities and high security requirements.

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